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Current Goals - Posted 9/12/16
Legion has arrived!!  The founding members of Death Cleave decided to bring the guild and its web site out of its moth-ball status because, well, we were bored and wanted to do stuff in this new content.  In the short time since rebanding we have already recruited some great new players and have been rejoined by some old friends of the guild.  As everyone continues to level mains and alts, here are our short term goals:

Have Fun.  This shit is not serious.

Continue to make the alliance cry.

Find more like minded players to grow our ranks.

Have at least 1 achievement run a week.

Have at least 1 Wpvp event every week.

The guild will continue to push out info on class changes / nerfs / buffs on twitter as they come out so check it frequently.  Also PVP-Live and MMO Champ are solid reputable resources so check those out too.
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